MEE 5114 Advanced Control for Robotics

  • Jun , 2021
MEE 5114 Advanced Control for Robotics

Course Info:

Instructor:     Wei Zhang, Innovation Park 7 – 602
Time:              Tuesday 2- 3:50pm / Thursday 2-3:50 am (odd week)
Location:       荔园 6栋 403 / 荔园1栋 205
Webpage:      Blackboard


The objective of this course is for students to develop the ability to recognize, formulate, and solve control problems within the context of robotic applications. We will introduce important concepts and tools for design and analysis of advanced robotic control systems. Topics include advanced rigid body kinematics and dynamics using product of exponentials, screw theory, and spatial vectors, nonlinear dynamical systems, Lyapunov stability, feedback linearization, optimal control and trajectory optimization, model predictive control, among others. An emphasis will be placed on developing competency in control and optimization theory and on applications within robotics.

Lecture Notes:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction
  • Lecture 2: Rigid Body Configuration and Velocity [PDF]
  • Rigid Body Configuration, Rigid Body Velocity (Twist), Geometric Aspect of Twist: Screw Motion

  • Lecture 3: Operation View of Rigid-Body Transformation [PDF]

    Rotation Operation, Rigid-Body Transformation Operation

  • Lecture 4: Exponential Coordinate of Rigid-Body Configuration [PDF]

    Exponential Coordinate, Euler Angles and Euler-Like Parameterizations, Instantaneous Velocity of Moving Frames

  • Lecture 5: Kinematics of Open Chain [PDF]

    Forward Kinematics: Product of Exponential Formula, Jacobian, Geometric Jacobian Derivation, Analytic Jacobian

  • Lecture 6: Rigid Body Dynamics [PDF]

    Spatial Acceleration, Spatial Force (Wrench), Spatial Momentum, Newton-Euler Equation using Spatial Vectors

  • Lecture 7: Dynamics of Open Chains [PDF]

    Inverse and Forward Dynamics: Recursive Newton-Euler Algorithm (RNEA), Analytical Form of the Dynamics Model

  • Lecture 8: Basics of Optimization [PDF]

    Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Sets and Functions, Linear Program, Quadratic Program

  • Lecture 9: Basic Linear Control Engineering
  • Lecture 10: Robot Motion Control [PDF]

    Motion Control with Velocity/Acceleration as Input, Motion Control with Torque as Input, Task-Space Error in SO(3)/SE(3)

  • Lecture 11: Elementary Model Predictive Control [PDF]

    Formulation of General MPC Problems, Linear MPC Problems

  • Lecture 12: Basics of Feedback Linearization [PDF]

    Input-Output Linearization


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