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Control & Learning for Robotics and Autonomy(CLEAR) Lab


  • Invited Speaker @ CACRE 2019

    Prof. Zhang was invited to attend and gave an invited talk at the 2019 International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics Engineering, held between July 19 – July 21, in Shenzhen, China.

  • International Underwater Robot Competition – We are part of an award winning team!

    July 9-12, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) sent its first student team to compete in the 12th International Underwater Robot Competition, hosted by Shanghai Maritime University, China. The SUSTech student

  • Graduated! Congratulations!

    Four undergraduate students in our lab,Shenggao Li, Chunchu Zhu, Wenchun Lin, and Bolin He received their Bachelor degree today. Shenggao will join the PhD program at the Norte Dame University, Chunchu will

  • Prof. Frank Park (SNU) visited our lab

    Prof. Frank Chongwoo Park visited our lab and gave a talk, entitled “Manifolds, Geometry, and Robotics”.  Prof. Park is currently an IEEE Fellow and the chair of the Department of Mechanical and

  • Welcome New Member!

    Dr. Hua Chen joined our lab as a research assistant professor. He received a BS degree from Zhejinag University, a PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University.

  • SUSTech-Robosea Joint Lab

    In collaboration with Robosea, a world-leading company in underwater robotics, we founded the SUSTech-Robosea Joint Lab on Underwater Equipment. The lab will be jointly managed by the Robotics Institute at SUSTech, the

Welcome to the SUSTech Control & Learning for Robotics and Autonomy (CLEAR) Lab. Our lab develops new theoretic and algorithmic tools in control and learning theory to enable advanced applications in modern robotic and autonomous systems.

Our research crosscuts various areas, including underwater robotics, legged locomotion control, autonomous system navigation and collision avoidance, dynamic manipulation, UAV control, among others. Although the practical contexts of these areas appear to be different, the underlying research questions have a lot in common: (1) how to obtain a good dynamic model (rigid-body dynamics, system identification); (2) how to design a controller to achieve a desired dynamic performance (model predictive control, optimal control); (3) how to effectively interact with the environment and other robots (motion planning, reinforcement learning, collision avoidance).

Our lab is directed by Prof. Wei Zhang, and is part of the SUSTech Institute of Robotics, led by Prof. I-Ming Chen and Prof. Yiming Rong.

Research Areas

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