Welcome to the SUSTech Control & Learning for Robotics and Autonomy (CLEAR) Lab. Our lab develops new theoretic and algorithmic tools in control and learning theory to enable advanced applications in modern robotic and autonomous systems.

Our research crosscuts various areas, including underwater robotics, legged locomotion control, autonomous system navigation and collision avoidance, dynamic manipulation, UAV control, among others. Although the practical contexts of these areas appear to be different, the underlying research questions have a lot in common: (1) how to obtain a good dynamic model (rigid-body dynamics, system identification); (2) how to design a controller to achieve a desired dynamic performance (model predictive control, optimal control); (3) how to effectively interact with the environment and other robots (motion planning, reinforcement learning, collision avoidance).

Our lab is directed by Prof. Wei Zhang, and is part of the SUSTech Institute of Robotics, led by Prof. I-Ming Chen and Prof. Yiming Rong.

Research Areas


  • 诚招博士后

    团队简介 CLEAR(Control & Learning for Robotics and Autonomy)实验室致力于机器人控制理论与学习算法方面的研究。目前研究重点包括足式机器人感知与控制,足式机器人移动操作等。同时也从事机器人相关的控制、优化、机器学习等方面的算法与理论研究。实验室与美国Ohio State University,CMU,UC Berkeley,UIUC,Purdue,MIT,Notre Dame,香港科技大学,香港大学等国际知名高校有科研合作与访问交流机会。实验室尤其注重理论与应用的结合,与多家机器人领域知名企业保持良好的交流与合作关系。 团队负责人张巍现任南方科技大学长聘正教授、深圳市鹏城学者特聘教授,国家特聘专家(青年),美国国家科学基金职业奖(NSF CAREER Award)获得者。本科就读于中国科技大学。在美国普渡大学(Purdue University)获电气与计算机工程系博士学位。攻读博士期间获得国家优秀自费留学生奖。博士毕业后加入美国加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley) 担任博士后研究员。2011年起在美国俄亥俄州立大学(Ohio State University) 电气与计算机工程系任教,2017晋升为长聘副教授。2019年全职加入南方科技大学。在自动化与机器人权威期刊与会议上发表论文100余篇, 现为IEEE高级会员, IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology Associate Editor,和IEEE Open Journal on Control

  • Invited Speaker @ CSS Day 2022

    Prof. Zhang was invited to attend and give a talk named “Control And Learning For Legged Locomotion” at the 2022 CSS Day, held between October 19-21 online. Here is the absract of

  • CLEAR-Lab undergrad first-authored a paper accepted by IROS 2022

    A paper written by Zhi XU et al. in which Zhi XU is an undergraduate student from CLEAR-Lab, has been accepted by the 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS

  • Dr. Ye Tao (Bambu Lab) visited our lab

    Dr. Ye Tao visited our lab and gave a talk, entitled “Surfing on the High Tech Tides: On the upheaval moment, the crisis and opportunity in the center of the world’s technology stage for

  • Celebration of Year 2021!

    Members of Clearlab went to Yantian Central Park for team building, to celebrate the brilliant achievements during the past year. All the best for 2022!http://www.wzhanglab.site/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/海滨栈道v1.mp4

  • Welcome new member!

    Dr. Dapeng LI joined our lab as a research professor. He received his B.E. degree in Automatic Control from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2003, and his Ph.D. degree

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